The Basics

Alrighty, so I have decided that before I start I should probably lay down some ground rules for myself, do some research and preparation.

So Rules

I think I’m more or less going to stick to the SW model, with a couple minor changes.  So that means potatoes and dried pasta (not fresh), rice, noodles, couscous and orzo are free for all items, that means I can eat as much of them as I like.

I’m going to allow myself a certain amount of ‘Syn’ food per day, but even then I think I will make myself the healthiest treats I can for my own piece of mind.  Then each Friday from lunch onwards will be my ‘chill’ day, I don’t want to call it a cheat day as that implies that I’m not following my own plan or that I’m doing something wrong/bad.

To keep me on track with the right foods etc I’m going to make myself a separate post with the lists of foods that are free for all, limited etc.

So was going to write out a whole list of foods etc but then came across this great website that shows all the basics needed, so why redo perfection lol.

Slimming World Basics on

Be sure to check it out and have a good read of this article, plus the rest of the site.

Research & Prep

I have lost myself numerous times down a YouTube rabbit hole of food prep and recipe videos.  I have to say that I think for myself food prep is the way to go.  I don’t know how many times I have bought something ‘healthy’ for myself but when it comes time to have it I can’t be bothered to make, cut up etc and end up going for something easier (i.e. less healthy).

So each week I will plan my meals, keeping my ‘Syns’ in mind and do up a shopping list, usually do this on a Wednesday night, I have done my food shopping online for years, but haven’t really planned my whole weeks meals, I just buy what I think we might fancy, not much in way of fresh fruit and veg.

So I usually get my shopping on a Thursday, so each Thursday afternoon & Friday I will do the bulk of the food prep, things like all the baking, chop veggies, cut up and get meat in their marinades, freeze the meats for later in the week.  I will also prep and cook at least two or three meals, doubling the recipe and freeze the extra portions.  They are perfect especially for the days where I’m overly tired and want to do the bare minimum but can still keep on track with healthy eating.

I think that I will also prep things like some chicken, eggs etc that I can add to my lunches, i.e. salads, pasta, rice saving a lot of time each day along with the already chopped veg.

I think that about covers it for now, so better get in and clear out my freezer, have a look what’s actually in there lol