About Me

Hey all!

My name is Karen, I’m in my early forties (2021), I have two kids (14, 3) and am single. I have been trying to loose weight and eat better, get healthier on and off for a long time. I find it incredibly hard to stick to things and am hoping that by doing this it will keep me on track, even just knowing that its out there 🙂

I attended slimming world for quite some time, and I managed to loose weight for a while, with this world situation at the moment it’s all (and extra) piled back on again. Now hoping to change my eating habits for life to be healthier and fitter 🙂

I want to document my journey which is starting on Thursday the 22nd April 202, both with the weight, exercise but also my journey through life with the kids, family, friends etc. Even if no one reads it, its my own personal journal.

If anyone wants to drop me a line, ideas, encouragement, comments – all will be most welcome. Even better if you want to join me in this journey to a healthier life.

Thanks guys and look forward to seeing you on our journey.